Monday, April 22, 2013

Last post and of course it did not post in time

So this my last post and of course the post did not post.  I went to go check my blog today and realized that i did not see my post.  So i went and checked my drafts and BOOMMMMMM it was there.  Sorry to post so late but i was stuck at work til about 7pm from 7:00 this morning. Ok enough about my problems and now on to this post again.

So this is the last time I will post something on my blog as being an Undergraduate college student.  So as i googled "how teens talk back to the dominant image," many things appeared, mostly bad or non factor ideas that i needed to write to post.  I then decided to remove the word images and search just up to dominant.  A completely different search appeared.  I found a website that was geared towards parents who do not have the proper education or knowlege on how to deal with a "problem teenager."  I think that this website really helps parents who need a little more knowlegde on this concept. 

I think it is important that eductaion on how teenagers may think or act and on the parents side how to control a trouble teenager.  This could be a good thing becaue it helps them  but the bad apart about using "google" in searches like this, is some may find video and links that have nothing to do with this topic  Another bad aspect about this is, is that every teenager is not the same so one solution may work for one teenager but the same one may not work for another.

I am very interesting in learning about how some other students went about finding USEFUL websites.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Please Watch!! Outside Connection

When i was watching the glee episode pilot and the scence when Rachels was receiving harsh treatment from other due to the fact that she was raised by two fathers and she was very talented, it made me think about the college student who spoke up at a hearing for same sex marriage.  He was raised by two mothers and people thought just because he had two mothers, he would not be successful.  Crazy that we live in a world that actually believes some of the crazy nonsense that people put together.  This video goes hand and hand with this topic we will be talking about

Glee, I am so confused and upset Post 10

Extended Comment/connections/reflection: I am going to use Raeann's post to construct my post

These episode shows many different stereotypes that are CURRENTLY a major issue in society today.  The idea of bullying among different groups in schools is outrageous.  Raeann talks about one part when Rachel get made infront of becuase she was raised by two fathers. My response to that was so what. She has so much talent that so why does it matter who she was raised by? This episode and never been kissed before gives me more of a reason why i dislike to watch television as it is.  Yes, Glee may be one of the few television shows that display a wide range of the LGBTQ issues but yet it also shows it as a negative aspects (bullying).  This is connected to many of the readings that we read in class.  The idea that heterosexual is the only a child could be raised, the idea that a female can only be happy is she marrys a male.  The idea that you get bullied if you do not have a mother and a father. This world is beyond corrupt and it makes me sick.  I can honestly say, before i started to date a female, i always had lesbian friends.  I never picked them or disowned them, i always supported them and never allowed anyone to talk bad about them.  Sadly enough, when i no longer was interested in boys, i began to lose friends, people began to not talk to me but on SOCIAL MEDIA SITES began to write indirect tweets status and everything else.  Some of my family stopped talking to me just because i did not like boys anymore.  I finally found my happiness and it was with the same sex.  So as i sit here and read this or watch these episodes, i feel their pain.  I always questioned why? if a person is happy why not let them be happy with you ever? I think this is a topic that i need to talk about rather than write about. Sorry if i did not attack this in the way i wanted to but i promise in class on tuesday, i will express and voice my opinion 

Out of class connections

I been wanting to post this but have not had the chance to. So the other day, I was in New York and went into a store, and was looking a glass cups, shot glasses and other cups when I can across this shot glass, that was pink and I believe purple, and they saying read "PRINCESS BY BIRTH BI**H BY CHOICE" (picture will be uploaded soon) and as I picked up the glass, I thought about the movie brave and the activity we had to do in connection with brave.  For example why does it say PRINCESS by birth, what about those females who was born a girl but know they are not meant to be a female. Society puts this idea of princesses in the kid of people since day one and even before. This cup really offended me because I never considered myself  a princess so why should I be labeled a princess by birth. I didn't read to much into the second part of the slogan so maybe someone can help me out with that part

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Talking Point #9 Hip Hop

I guess everyone can say i love my extended comments because for the last couple of post, i bee choosing to create my blog based upon others thought but i love to do this because i get a better understanding of the article.

After reading and watching the video my opinion of hip hop has remained the same eve before reading and watching the video.  I have been saying that hip hop has changed, Agreeing with jackie gota's blog hip hop back in the day was based upon the artists struggle, life problems, being a minority etc. The rappers used music to express their feelings whe n times were hard or what was happening at the time they were writing about. In society today, hip hop has changed, it no longer expresses true feelings and struggles, hip hop today is about materialistic things, sex, drugs, women, snap backs, tattoos and etc. I do want to make this clear, im not speaking as if i listen to every hip hop song that has been produced today, but i have listen to a great amout of songs and they all were expresses their love for women, cars, sex, drugs, clothes, sneakers.  Back in the day hip hop was a way of teaching younger childern lessons and now again, the hip hop lacks that.

I also agree with Jessica statement when she reference Kimmels article because the whole concept that hip hop may have some apects that some may say lead to violence, in my opinion i disagree with that.  The reason for that is because the words are just words, it is not like it is a video game were they are learning and playing the game, yes they are listening but it is ot the same as playing and adaptig to it.  Some can argue that the image that the rappers display (sex, weed, woman, guns, violence,and being the strongest male in the video) can display some violence but i do not think that it personally plays a part in the violence today. I do agree that hip hop in todays society plays a major part in they women feel so low and not acceptable.  The key idea is that hip hop no longer represent what it once did, hip hop is all about selling and maing a number 1 album or song so if that meas downgrade women, rap about snap backs or money then that person is goig to create that just to sell and please the audience

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Talking 8: Kimmel Masculinity or whatever

This is article made me question so much that society or whoever is teaching our boys how to be boys!

Extended comment: I choose this because as I read other students thoughts and opinions, I thought that I could comment on each persons but then I realize my post would be beyond long so I only choose to comment on two, three or maybe four blogs.  Linette blog made some very interesting points that i would like to contribute to.  The idea that i really liked was when she engage in the concept that Boys dont cry and Boys will be boys is the phrase that society tends to drive from. I honestly think that this is such a false way to teach our young boys.  The reason for that is because boys should be able to cry and show emotions without being labeled as a "Punk" or whatever they are going to be labeled. The more the boys keep emotions inside, the more it continues to build up to the point they can not take it anymore and they explored.  My own reflection is I grew up with this boy who had a perfect life both parents great friends good grades but was not the cutest boy. He always tried to talk to females but no one would ever give him attention. Other boys begin to notice that and make little comments to him but he never spoke or said anything about the problems he was having. At the age of 17, he raped a 15 year old girl and he never said why until recent that this was all off emotions that he had built up from all the rejection and he did not know what else to do but to take his built up emotions out and this was the way he could do it because he was always rejected by females

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brave and Cinderella ate my daughter by Orenstein

I want to start by saying i do not understand why my post did not post so I had to do it again. Hopefully it comes out like the first one.

Reflection/Extended Comment
      I never saw the movie Brave until we watched it in class and to be honest, if i would have watched it before taaking this class or taking the many classes I had at Rhode Island College. I would have thought this was such a great movie just as the same thoughts i had about every other disney movie about Princesses.  Growing up i was never into the whole princess things but it came a point where i was getiing looks ad people would talk about me because i rather shoot a jump shot rather than be a cheerleader.  I was the tomboy and did ot want any parts of being a princess.  Both my parents were fine with this but my mother did receive some disrespectful remarks due to my "boyish behaviors."  However, I have few girl cousins who wanted nothing but to act dress talk look like a Princess and I always wondered why. My cousins will always talk about how they had to dress just to be pretty or how they had to act just to feel accepted and up to their mothers standard.  one day there was this cute boy (yes I was into boys before I discovered I didn't like them in that way no more)  and all the girls would run inside the house fix their hair and do all the things to make this boy look at them and when they came out the house they ran over to him and try to get his attention. I was on the swing when he came up to me (dress just like a little tomboy) and he acknowledge me. My cousin were so mad that they did not talk to me for like the rest of the day. They told their mom that they no longer wanted to be pretty because the cute boys do not pay them any mind.  As I sit here and reflect I can not believe how caught up my cousin were about being such a princess. Life, society, parents are so blind that they want to teach their kids what society tells them instead of what they believe or educated themselves on certain topics

To extend on NesCarlys blog I agree 100% with her when she states that finding a man will being you complete happiness because from my own personal experience I believe that is BULLCRAP!!!!!!! Personally I been with guys before and I was nothing but sad, depressed, crying, I was NOT HAPPY!!!! I tried to please my father and mother by being with a guy but I had to finally go against them, taking the risk of them accepting me or not. (More so my entire family) I began to date a female and I can honestly say I never been this happy in my life. So for cartoon or movies to portray to young females that if they marry a man they will be forever happy is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. This relates to Brave as well because she took the risk (not by dating a female) but by going against her mother and she learned in the end that not getting married to a man by choice was right but by destiny.