Saturday, January 26, 2013

Talking Point 1: Media and Ideology by Croteau

1) "Media gives us pictures of social interaction and social instiutions that, by their sheer repetition on  daily basis, can play important roles in shaping broad social definitions." (pg. 163)
         I agree with this quote because we live in a society today, that everyone especially teenagers are beyong blinded to "real" because the "media" gives them no choice but to believe it. 

2) "The fear is that media images normalized specific social relations, making certain ways of behaving seem unexecptional." (pg. 163)
        I highlighted this quote and put a big star next to this one.  This is a major apect in this reading because this one qoute sums up the entire reading in my opinion.  The reason for that is because, today people do not do what they believe in, instead, they follow behind the new trend and or ideas.  The media wants everyone to be, dress, look, act like the typical "female" and "male." If not then according to the media, the act or behavor is higly unexceptable.

3) "Common sense is the way we describe thins that "everybody knows" or at least should know, because such knowledge represents deeply held cultural beliefs." (pg 166)
         This quote means that common sense is based upon what the cultural belief of a person and not actual, common sense. Many people today do not take the time to educate themselves because they go based upon their feelings and beliefs, but that is a major problem becaus enot everyone in the worlf share the exact same beliefs so therefore "common sense" does not appear.  It is relevant to the reading because the media is all about people and their beliefs, ideas and values which only puts a hold on the teenagers because their belief might not be the same as another teenager.

Section 3:
While reading his text, I kept thinking to myself, how was the media five years ago? was it this bad? was it good? and to be honest i can not come up with an accurate answer.  As i struggled to find the answer to my own question, i kept thinking, why is it so hard to answer this questiond.  After giving my mind a break for a while, i still can not seem to manage an answer.  I even tried sitting down with my 15 year old cousin and ask question about how important media was in her life but she fail to give me and acccurate answer.  So this is the question/comment i have for the class.  Can someone please help me understand why i can not answer the question: did the media change for the good or bad since about 5 to 10 years ago?


I am currently a senior here at RIC and will be graduating may 2013. Over the winter break, all i did was work and when i did not work, i went to new york city.  I am taking this class because i needed extra credits and also i want to become a teacher in the future so i believe taking this class would help me gain more of an insight into teenagers.  When i am not in class, i am at work either at my group home or at the local recreation center in providence.