Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brave and Cinderella ate my daughter by Orenstein

I want to start by saying i do not understand why my post did not post so I had to do it again. Hopefully it comes out like the first one.

Reflection/Extended Comment
      I never saw the movie Brave until we watched it in class and to be honest, if i would have watched it before taaking this class or taking the many classes I had at Rhode Island College. I would have thought this was such a great movie just as the same thoughts i had about every other disney movie about Princesses.  Growing up i was never into the whole princess things but it came a point where i was getiing looks ad people would talk about me because i rather shoot a jump shot rather than be a cheerleader.  I was the tomboy and did ot want any parts of being a princess.  Both my parents were fine with this but my mother did receive some disrespectful remarks due to my "boyish behaviors."  However, I have few girl cousins who wanted nothing but to act dress talk look like a Princess and I always wondered why. My cousins will always talk about how they had to dress just to be pretty or how they had to act just to feel accepted and up to their mothers standard.  one day there was this cute boy (yes I was into boys before I discovered I didn't like them in that way no more)  and all the girls would run inside the house fix their hair and do all the things to make this boy look at them and when they came out the house they ran over to him and try to get his attention. I was on the swing when he came up to me (dress just like a little tomboy) and he acknowledge me. My cousin were so mad that they did not talk to me for like the rest of the day. They told their mom that they no longer wanted to be pretty because the cute boys do not pay them any mind.  As I sit here and reflect I can not believe how caught up my cousin were about being such a princess. Life, society, parents are so blind that they want to teach their kids what society tells them instead of what they believe or educated themselves on certain topics

To extend on NesCarlys blog I agree 100% with her when she states that finding a man will being you complete happiness because from my own personal experience I believe that is BULLCRAP!!!!!!! Personally I been with guys before and I was nothing but sad, depressed, crying, I was NOT HAPPY!!!! I tried to please my father and mother by being with a guy but I had to finally go against them, taking the risk of them accepting me or not. (More so my entire family) I began to date a female and I can honestly say I never been this happy in my life. So for cartoon or movies to portray to young females that if they marry a man they will be forever happy is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. This relates to Brave as well because she took the risk (not by dating a female) but by going against her mother and she learned in the end that not getting married to a man by choice was right but by destiny.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Final project by Chela


I am so confused on the final project or maybe the ideas of what to do. I tried reading Becca's and other students blog they post about the final project in hopes to get ideas but then I realize that, if I do that, I might be stealing their ideas so I decided to go against that. (Do not want to get in trouble for that) but now I'm stuck. So I read the blog again and the words "In many ways, the final project is just an extended Media Artifact) so I thought of all the previous groups and then.........
I pictured the movie FREEDOM WRITERS which I believe I talked to my media artifact group about and realize that this movie has numerous connections to the readings we have already read thus far.  So I started to think of ideas and I came up empty because I do not know what it is exactly we are suppose to do.

Another idea I had was to explore all the recent teenage shows (teen mom, sixteen and pregnant, washington heights) for teenagers and focus on the "secret education" that the shows teach our teenagers or just major ideas that the show may display to teenagers. 

I don't know what to do I need some guidance on this final project anyone willing to help or I will just wait to Tuesday 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mid-term post by chela

Ok so we decided to do a recorded script/film of a lesbian couple who Angela's mom (Jackie) does not know. Angela almost gets caught so she must come out. After the film, Angela will focus on Raby's and Hines article while Jackie focuses on Wesch and croteau and I will focus on Christiansen and swaacmp. This should be very interesting and we plan on talking about every concepts/thoughts that everyone talked about. We also are going to relate this to both media artifact that Mary And Celine's group presented. We are going to use a camera to record the play and the discussion.  More to come hope everyone is going to enjoy it