Sunday, April 14, 2013

Glee, I am so confused and upset Post 10

Extended Comment/connections/reflection: I am going to use Raeann's post to construct my post

These episode shows many different stereotypes that are CURRENTLY a major issue in society today.  The idea of bullying among different groups in schools is outrageous.  Raeann talks about one part when Rachel get made infront of becuase she was raised by two fathers. My response to that was so what. She has so much talent that so why does it matter who she was raised by? This episode and never been kissed before gives me more of a reason why i dislike to watch television as it is.  Yes, Glee may be one of the few television shows that display a wide range of the LGBTQ issues but yet it also shows it as a negative aspects (bullying).  This is connected to many of the readings that we read in class.  The idea that heterosexual is the only a child could be raised, the idea that a female can only be happy is she marrys a male.  The idea that you get bullied if you do not have a mother and a father. This world is beyond corrupt and it makes me sick.  I can honestly say, before i started to date a female, i always had lesbian friends.  I never picked them or disowned them, i always supported them and never allowed anyone to talk bad about them.  Sadly enough, when i no longer was interested in boys, i began to lose friends, people began to not talk to me but on SOCIAL MEDIA SITES began to write indirect tweets status and everything else.  Some of my family stopped talking to me just because i did not like boys anymore.  I finally found my happiness and it was with the same sex.  So as i sit here and read this or watch these episodes, i feel their pain.  I always questioned why? if a person is happy why not let them be happy with you ever? I think this is a topic that i need to talk about rather than write about. Sorry if i did not attack this in the way i wanted to but i promise in class on tuesday, i will express and voice my opinion 

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