Monday, April 22, 2013

Last post and of course it did not post in time

So this my last post and of course the post did not post.  I went to go check my blog today and realized that i did not see my post.  So i went and checked my drafts and BOOMMMMMM it was there.  Sorry to post so late but i was stuck at work til about 7pm from 7:00 this morning. Ok enough about my problems and now on to this post again.

So this is the last time I will post something on my blog as being an Undergraduate college student.  So as i googled "how teens talk back to the dominant image," many things appeared, mostly bad or non factor ideas that i needed to write to post.  I then decided to remove the word images and search just up to dominant.  A completely different search appeared.  I found a website that was geared towards parents who do not have the proper education or knowlege on how to deal with a "problem teenager."  I think that this website really helps parents who need a little more knowlegde on this concept. 

I think it is important that eductaion on how teenagers may think or act and on the parents side how to control a trouble teenager.  This could be a good thing becaue it helps them  but the bad apart about using "google" in searches like this, is some may find video and links that have nothing to do with this topic  Another bad aspect about this is, is that every teenager is not the same so one solution may work for one teenager but the same one may not work for another.

I am very interesting in learning about how some other students went about finding USEFUL websites.


  1. So I had the same problem, didn't really find anything that I thought as useful but used what I found. whatever! lol

    Also I did come across those websites as well, but my problem with them were that why are we highlighting the "problem teen"? Do teens really have a problem? Or are adults and or the way they portrait in mass media the problem?

  2. I went on youtube and google and just typed in teenage/young adult resistance, or poetry and usually if you look in the creativity realm you'll find a large spectrum of outlets and alternative works of teens that fight back against these dominant stereotypes and assumptions.

  3. I think it's really funny how a lot of us found parenting websites to deal with your teen who is talking back, but it's also sad. I was hoping that it would be easier to find examples of teens talking about about these dominant ideas against them.