Sunday, April 14, 2013

Out of class connections

I been wanting to post this but have not had the chance to. So the other day, I was in New York and went into a store, and was looking a glass cups, shot glasses and other cups when I can across this shot glass, that was pink and I believe purple, and they saying read "PRINCESS BY BIRTH BI**H BY CHOICE" (picture will be uploaded soon) and as I picked up the glass, I thought about the movie brave and the activity we had to do in connection with brave.  For example why does it say PRINCESS by birth, what about those females who was born a girl but know they are not meant to be a female. Society puts this idea of princesses in the kid of people since day one and even before. This cup really offended me because I never considered myself  a princess so why should I be labeled a princess by birth. I didn't read to much into the second part of the slogan so maybe someone can help me out with that part

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  1. Good text for analysis! What does it mean that women have two options: princess or bitch? POTUS? Not so much...