Sunday, April 7, 2013

Talking 8: Kimmel Masculinity or whatever

This is article made me question so much that society or whoever is teaching our boys how to be boys!

Extended comment: I choose this because as I read other students thoughts and opinions, I thought that I could comment on each persons but then I realize my post would be beyond long so I only choose to comment on two, three or maybe four blogs.  Linette blog made some very interesting points that i would like to contribute to.  The idea that i really liked was when she engage in the concept that Boys dont cry and Boys will be boys is the phrase that society tends to drive from. I honestly think that this is such a false way to teach our young boys.  The reason for that is because boys should be able to cry and show emotions without being labeled as a "Punk" or whatever they are going to be labeled. The more the boys keep emotions inside, the more it continues to build up to the point they can not take it anymore and they explored.  My own reflection is I grew up with this boy who had a perfect life both parents great friends good grades but was not the cutest boy. He always tried to talk to females but no one would ever give him attention. Other boys begin to notice that and make little comments to him but he never spoke or said anything about the problems he was having. At the age of 17, he raped a 15 year old girl and he never said why until recent that this was all off emotions that he had built up from all the rejection and he did not know what else to do but to take his built up emotions out and this was the way he could do it because he was always rejected by females

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  1. Wow. That story is so sad. I do agree with you and Linette that the media portrays men to be the dominant, strong masculine individual that doe snot cry. I do not like the concept that boys who express their feelings and emotions are considered to be PUNKS (as you mentioned) or SISSIES. I ind that to be ridiculous. Boys/Men have the freedom to cry, whether society likes it or not. Great post. :)