Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Talking Point #9 Hip Hop

I guess everyone can say i love my extended comments because for the last couple of post, i bee choosing to create my blog based upon others thought but i love to do this because i get a better understanding of the article.

After reading and watching the video my opinion of hip hop has remained the same eve before reading and watching the video.  I have been saying that hip hop has changed, Agreeing with jackie gota's blog hip hop back in the day was based upon the artists struggle, life problems, being a minority etc. The rappers used music to express their feelings whe n times were hard or what was happening at the time they were writing about. In society today, hip hop has changed, it no longer expresses true feelings and struggles, hip hop today is about materialistic things, sex, drugs, women, snap backs, tattoos and etc. I do want to make this clear, im not speaking as if i listen to every hip hop song that has been produced today, but i have listen to a great amout of songs and they all were expresses their love for women, cars, sex, drugs, clothes, sneakers.  Back in the day hip hop was a way of teaching younger childern lessons and now again, the hip hop lacks that.

I also agree with Jessica statement when she reference Kimmels article because the whole concept that hip hop may have some apects that some may say lead to violence, in my opinion i disagree with that.  The reason for that is because the words are just words, it is not like it is a video game were they are learning and playing the game, yes they are listening but it is ot the same as playing and adaptig to it.  Some can argue that the image that the rappers display (sex, weed, woman, guns, violence,and being the strongest male in the video) can display some violence but i do not think that it personally plays a part in the violence today. I do agree that hip hop in todays society plays a major part in they women feel so low and not acceptable.  The key idea is that hip hop no longer represent what it once did, hip hop is all about selling and maing a number 1 album or song so if that meas downgrade women, rap about snap backs or money then that person is goig to create that just to sell and please the audience

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  1. well said i think that hip hop has defiantly changed and will continue to change